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NCE is one of the largest and most popular manufacturers of DCC equipment in the hobby. NCE provides a complete range of systems with tethered and/or wireless cabs, components to extend those systems, decoders, and a variety of interface devices for a complete DCC solution. Linís Junction not only sells NCE products, but we also provide any level of support you need to make your system work perfectly.
NCE DCC Systems
Power Cab
Complete high-end 2-amp system in one compact hand-held throttle. The Power Cab will operate 3-4 HO trains or 4 N trains. The system can be extended as your layout grows.

Item Description MSRP Linís Price
524-025 NCE Power Cab 199.95 170.00
524-222 Replacement Panel 21.95 18.70
524-223 USB Interface for Power Cab 49.95 42.50
524-226 Auto Program Track Adaptor for Power Cab 24.95 21.25
524-221 NCE Power Cab Power Supply  14 VAC 1.3 Amp 29.95 25.50
Aux. Power Cab Boosters
Adding the SB3 Smart Booster to the Power Cab system will extend its capabilities to 10 trains and 4 walk-around cabs.

Item Description MSRP Linís Price
524-26 NCE SB3a 5-Amp Smart Booster 159.95 136.00
524-28 NCE DB3a 5-Amp Smart Booster to extend SB3 119.95 102.00
Power Pro and Accessories
A 5-amp starter set containing everything you need except the power supply. It includes the user friendly Pro Cab. Be online within 20 minutes!

Item Description MSRP Linís Price
524-001 NCE Power Pro 5 Amp 529.95 450.50
524-215 NCE P515 Power Supply 59.95 51.00
524-008 NCE CS02 Independent Command Station 239.95 204.00
524-022 NCE Power Pro System Box (Cmd. Station & Booster) 349.95 297.50
524-003 NCE Independent 5 Amp Booster 159.95 136.00
Power Pro-R
A radio-equipped Power Pro system. It offers all the features of the Power Pro while eliminating the necessity of a tethered throttle. Up to 60 additional radio and tethered cabs can be used simultaneously.

Item Description MSRP Linís Price
524-002 NCE Power Pro-R 5 Amp 699.95 595.00
Power Pro 10
A 10-amp starter set containing the same features as the 5-amp system described above, but with a full 10-amps for operating O- and G-scale layouts.

Item Description MSRP Linís Price
524-006 NCE Power Pro 10 649.95 552.50
524-007 NCE Power Pro 10-R 849.95 722.50
524-224 10 Amp Booster 269.95 229.50
524-224 P1018 10-Amp Power Supply for PH10 system or PH110 booster 99.95 85.00

NCE Cabs
Deluxe Pro Cab
The deluxe Pro Cab provides the most user-friendly access to all system features. Uncomplicated menus are displayed on a backlit LCD panel.

Item Description MSRP Linís Price
524-010 NCE Deluxe Pro Cab 159.95 136.00
524-011 NCE Deluxe Pro Cab-R radio equipped 249.95 212.50
Engineer/Operator Cabs
The Cab04 and Cab05 controls are NCEís most popular engineer cabs. Both feature easy selection of consists, single-button operation of decoder functions, and a momentary HORN button.  Cab04 uses a knob (choice of potentiometer or digital encoder) for speed control while the Cab05 utilizes pushbuttons.

Item Description MSRP Linís Price
524-012 Cab04p (Potentiometer) 89.95 76.50
524-013 Cab04pr (Potentiometer) w/Radio 179.95 153.00
524-014 Cab04e (Digital) 119.95 102.00
524-015 Cab04er (Digital) w/Radio 199.95 170.00
524-016 Cab05 (Pushbutton speed) 89.95 76.50
524-017 Cab05r (Pushbutton speed) w/Radio 179.95 153.00
524-039 Cab06 (Pushbutton speed) w/LED Display 99.95 85.00
524-040 Cab06r (Pushbutton speed) w/LED Display and Radio 189.95 189.95
524-043 Cab06 (Potentiometer) w/LED Display 99.95 85.00
524-044 Cab06r (Potentiometer) w/LED Display and Radio 189.95 189.95

NCE Add-Ons & Accessories
Wireless (Radio Control)
The Radio Base Station adds second generation two-way radio control for up to 48 wireless cabs. Up to 30 Radio Repeaters may be added to extend the radio signal for hard to reach areas.

Item Description MSRP Linís Price
524-023 NCE RB02 Radio Base Station 159.95 136.00
524-024 NCE RPT1 Radio Repeater for Base Station 129.95 110.50
UTP Cab Bus Panel
A low-cost easy-to-use cab bus panel for extending and providing tethered access to your system bus network. Includes a black fascia plate and provision to add LED indicator lights if desired. Connect the network with RJ-12 jacks and untwisted phone cable (available separately).

Item Description MSRP Linís Price
524-207 NCE UTP Cab Bus Panel 19.95 17.00
524-208 NCE UTP-DIN Bus Panel 19.95 17.00
Power Supplies

Unit supplies to power systems or additional boosters on your network.

Item Description MSRP Linís Price
524-215 P515 5-Amp Power Supply for Power Pro Station 59.95 51.00
524-224 P1018 10-Amp Power Supply for PH10 system or PH110 booster 99.95 85.00
524-221 P114 Replacement for Power Cab system 29.95 25.50
Other Stuff

Unit supplies to power systems or additional boosters on your network.

Item Description MSRP Linís Price
524-136 Switch-8  Accessory Decode / 8 sol mo switch machines 59.95 51.00
524-205 DCC Block Detector 14.95 12.75
524-211 Plug Pack  10, 8 pin NMRA plugs 15.95 13.6
524-225 EB1 Single circuit breaker (Power District Controller) 59.95 51.00
524-219 DTK Decoder tester 24.95 21.25
524-115 Snap-It DCC twin coil motor controller 19.95 17.00
524-114 Switch-It  DCC slo/mo motor controller 19.95 17.00
524-116 Switch Kat DCC Kato switch controller 24.95 21.25
524-200 AIU01  Auxiliary input to DCC system device 49.95 42.50
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